Race the Strip not the Street!


Have you got a muscle car that can out run anyone?

 …or maybe the hottest sport compact on the block? Prove once and for all that you've got what it takes under the hood legally and safely by taking your ride to the dragstrip and race the strip, not the street. It's safe, it's fun, and it won't put you in jail. The only thing you risk is having fun.

At a "test and tune" event you are given the chance to practice your starting procedure, learn how your car reacts to tuning adjustments, and make passes down the track without the pressure of competition.


Schedule: Grudge racing and time trials only. No bracket racing. Check Dragstrip Schedule for dates & times (appears as "Test & Tune" or "T&T").

Participant FAQ:

  • 18 years of age with valid state vehicle operating license. Anyone 16-17 years of age must have a fully executed Parent/Guardian Release and Waiver on file. [available at the raceway business office or through SE Division 2 business office] 
  • Driver must have a valid state vehicle operating license.
  • Long pants and sleeved shirt (no tank tops); Full shoes (no open-toe or open-heel shoes).
  • Roll bar mandatory if full-bodied car running 11.00-11.49 (7.00-7.35*); Convertibles running 11.00-13.49 (7.00-8.25*); Roll cage at 10.99 (6.99*) or quicker.
  • Jacket with safety rating of 3.2A/15 or 3.2A/20 for cars running 10.00-11.49 (6.40-7.35*) seconds or quicker.
  • 13.99 (8.59*) seconds or quicker must have a Snell 2005 or newer helmet.

These guidelines are for quick reference only and are in no way intended to supersede or replace the current NHRA rulebook. These are answers to just a few frequently asked questions, and full NHRA rules can be found in the current NHRA rulebook.

NHRA rulebooks are available for purchase at www.NHRA.com or the track souvenir stand.

*1/8 Mile 

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