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Gatornationals Booster Club: About Us

Racing for Gainesville's Future

"The Gatornationals Booster Club was founded in 1982 by Phil Dunn, Davis Rembert, Dale Rudloff, John Cousins, Var Heyl, John Kirkpatrick, Gary Renolds and Mike Redfern.

The object of the organization was to promote the Gatornationals, the community, Gainesville Raceway, National Hot Rod Association and fellowship.

It all came about when the group noticed a small building at the raceway, behind the old timing tower that was not being used.  They contacted Steve Earwood about forming a booster club for the raceway.  He in turn called Wally Parks with the idea and the club was on it's way! 

Since then, the club has helped the raceway's interaction with the city and county in various projects to improve the facility and the access roads.  The club also supports the "Santa Fe Junior College Automotive Program" as well as many charities in Alachua County.

The latest project for the club is to help Don Robertson, Executive General Manager of Gainesville Raceway, establish a "Beat The Heat Program" in conjuction with the "National Beat The Heat Program" across the country."

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