2019 Quick Reference Guide and Ground Rules for Competition


1.       Speed limit is 15 MPH EVERYWHERE (except on drag strip) – at all times



4.       Tech Questions: Please refer to the NHRA Rule Book for all your Tech questions.  The rule book can be found on www.NHRAracer.com 


AIR CONDITIONING: Turn off A/C while in the staging lane so you won’t leave water on the starting line or down the track.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, DRUGS, ETC.: Used by a driver in any amount will result in automatic disqualification and possible suspension of competition privileges. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the staging lanes at any time.

AUXILIARY PIT VEHICLES: Anyone operating and auxiliary pit vehicle must have a valid driver’s license.  Pit vehicles can be impounded for improper use, impounded pit vehicles will be returned to the rightful owner at the completion of the event.  Such vehicles shall, at all times, display the competition number assigned to the operator’s vehicle. When towing a Jr. Dragster no full sized vehicles are allowed. No passengers may ride on the Jr. Dragster being towed. A florescent or brightly colored flag must be on all Jr. Dragsters anytime they are being towed! Minimum height of flag is 5’ above the ground. Tow strap may not be attached to any portion of the roll cage. No Jr. Dragster may be pushed by a motorized vehicle.

BREAK PASS: A racer who fails to pass technical inspection may receivea credit for the entry fee, less the spectator admission charge. NO CASH REFUNDS.

BURNOUTS: Vehicles will not cross the starting line under power during burn outs except at the direction of the starter.

BUY BACKS: 1st round losers only. Report to second floor of tower ASAP. Buy Backs are eligible for points for winning rounds.

BYE RUNS:  1st round based on best reaction time from 2nd Time Trial session. Bye runs will not carry over. Subsequent bye runs based on best winning reaction time from previous round. Only one bye run per driver allowed unless awarded one due to competitor’s breakage OR if driver earns the bye due to laddering. If all remaining entries have had a bye-run in eliminations, then the bye will be based on best winning reaction time from previous round. NEW: The driver called for the buy-run should always be moved out of the lanes by track staff and run as the last race during that particular round, regardless of the number of cars that remain in competition. However, the chosen bye-run driver may choose to refuse their bye and run the competitor they are paired with in the lanes. If they win that round, that bye run does NOT carry over into the next round. However, that driver is still eligible to receive a bye-run in a later round.

COMPETITION NUMBER: All participants who wish to earn points in the Summit E.T. Series must have a current NHRA E.T. competition number (licensed or non-licensed), current NHRA membership card, and have paid the points fee for the applicable category. 

CONTROL OF VEHICLES: Failure to maintain control of vehicle at ALL times including shut-down area (i.e. driving onto or over center line, striking wall, locking up the brakes at the finish line, etc.) WILL BE AN AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION FROM THE EVENT

DELAY BOXES: Delay Boxes are only allowed to be used in the Super Pro Category. All vehicles competing in the Sportsman or Pro category MUST have delay box REMOVED from the vehicle prior to entering the burnout box.

DIAL INS: Will be placed on right front and on left side of all vehicles. Dial-ins may be changed between rounds. They may not be changed after the vehicle has crossed the competition line at the front of the lanes without approval of staging coordinator. The driver accepts any dial-in as displayed on the scoreboard once the they light the pre-stage bulb.

DISABLED VEHICLES: If your vehicle has a mechanical failure pull the vehicle to a safe stop as close to the outside wall as possible, as soon as possible, to avoid leaking fluids all the way down the track. Be considerate of your fellow racers.

ENTRIES:  One driver can participate in multiple categories, and one car can be used in multiple categories. However, two drivers can NOT share a car in the same class, and a driver cannot enter the same class twice.

E.T. FINALS / JR. TEAMS:  Teams will be comprised of the eligible drivers based on current track points standings at the time of team selection, in each category. The number one driver at this point will represent the track in the Race of Champions.

LADDERING: The Sportsman, Pro, and Super Pro Categories will go onto a ladder once there are eight cars or less at Summit E.T. Bracket Races. Note that once the remaining competitors enter onto a ladder, ALL remaining drivers are now eligible to receive a bye-run regardless if they have received one in a previous round. Pairings will be determined based on reaction times from the round before.

LANE CHOICE:  All classes, including Junior Dragster, mandatory coin flip starting round before money (if necessary). If pairings are not even (ie lane goes single file), every other car will have lane choice beginning with the first “single” pairing.

P.A. & RADIO: Racers should monitor the track public announcement system for instructions, schedule or lane changes, and general information. The p.a. is simulcast on 90.3 FM radio and through the pit speakers.

PAIRINGS: Vehicles will be paired for competition when they cross the new yellow dotted line going across the staging lanes. Cars will be considered paired once they pass the yellow dotted line going across the staging lanes.  If a competitor drops out/breaks after that point the car scheduled to run him will get a competition bye.


POINTS: Summit E.T. Racing Series competitors will be eligible to receive 10 points when they buy/enter a tech card for an eligible vehicle, 10 points for teching in an eligible vehicle, and 10 points for each round win. The Winner and Runner-up in all classes will receive bonus points: 2 points for class win and 1 point for class R/U. Points. We have scheduled 14 Summit ET Series Races, however points will be counted including two drops regardless of how many events we run (ie if we only run 8 races, your best 6 count for points). Points standings will be posted at each on the 2nd floor of tower, in the office window adjacent to the staging lanes and on www.gainesvilleraceway.com

RAIN-OUTS: The race may be declared complete at any time after the completion of the 2nd round of eliminations. Points and payout if any will be awarded based on the results at that point and the race will not be rescheduled.  If we get rained out before the first round of all categories are complete, the race may be rescheduled in which case it will be open to new entries.  In either case rain checks will be valid for the remainder of the season. NO CASH REFUNDS.

RESTRICTED AREA: Area beyond the competition line at the front of the lanes requires a Restricted Area Pass/Wristband (obtained at tech). UNAUTHORIZED TRANSFER OF RESTRICTED AREA PASS WILL RESULT IN EJECTION FROM THE PROPERTY All vehicles in this area must have windows up, seat belts on, and A/C off. 

OIL-RETENTION DEVICE: All Comp Competitors, Super Gas, Super Comp, and any E.T. vehicle running 7.49 (4.49 eighth-mile) or quicker will be required to have an oil-retention device meeting either SFI 7.1 or 7.2.

RUN ORDER/ RETURN TO LANES:  During eliminations racers are responsible for returning to the lanes promptly upon winning a round. A missed round is scored as an automatic loss.  Standard Run Order will be Jr’s, Sportsman, Pro, Super Pro Bike & Super Pro & Bro Bike

STAGING LANES: Please pay attention to the person running the front of the lanes.  When pulled out to where they are standing, stop and wait till you are told to proceed to water box, this is to insure the tower has your correct car number and dial-in Drivers are to remain with vehicle when in the staging lanes. Failure to be prepared to run when instructed could result in loss of time trial session or disqualification from event. Cars are considered paired once they pass the new yellow dotted line going across the staging lanes.  If a competitor drops out after that point the car scheduled to run him will get a competition bye. Please have all safety gear on and be ready to race before you cross the competition line at the front of the staging lanes.

TAIL LIGHT: All participants must have a functional light visible from the rear of the car/bike at all times.

TECH INSPECTION: Required for all vehicles prior to any run on the track. 

TEST & TUNE: Will be offered on E.T. Points Nights for vehicles that have been eliminated from their respective class, as time permits after 3rd round of eliminations have been completed.

TIME TRIALS:   One run allowed per session, 2 sessions per class. Run order:

1) Jr. Dragster; 2) Sportsman; 3) Pro ET; 4) Super Pro Bike; 5) Pro Bike

TRACK CHAMPIONS: Points will determine the Team Gainesville SUMMIT ET Series Track Champions in each class.  All ties will be broken based on event finishes IE: most wins, Runner-ups, Semi’s, Quarters etc. etc.

VEHICLE CRASH:   ALL drivers involved in any crash, rollover, or other incident involving impact with the wall or another vehicle must immediately report to the medical staff for evaluation, regardless of extent of injury. No driver involved in any such incident will be allowed to return to competition without a medical release. 

VEHICLE WARM-UPS:  When a race vehicle is started anywhere on the facility a qualified and competent driver must be seated behind the wheel.  Whenever work is being done under a vehicle the vehicle must be supported by jack stands.  Converter stalls/test/warm-ups may not be done in the pit area unless the car is on jack stands with the driver in the car.

WAIVER AND RELEASE:  Anyone racing or allowed into the restricted area must sign the waiver and release form and have the proper wristband

All normal and customary safety and competition rules will be in effect at all events. IF IN DOUBT … ASK!!!

Decision of Event Director is final in all cases.