Fourth Annual 352 Shootout

Originally created to settle the score of who owned the fastest “street legal” car in the 352 area code, the 352 Shootout has grown to showcase the best heads-up grass-roots level drag racing.

Annually held at Gainesville Raceway, this event now welcomes anyone from any area code to compete against the best drivers and cars from the 352 area code! Three classes (Small Tire Street Car – Outlaw 29” slick/275 radial – Outlaw Big Tire) are run on a heads-up, pro-tree start and compete on an 1/8-mile distance with scoreboards off. A new class, Real Street, joins the line-up of heads-up classes in 2019, but is run on a 1/4-mile distance with scoreboards off. There is also a limited Test and Tune class, run on a 1/4-mile distance with scoreboards off, and done on a pre-entry basis to allow for ample track time for all competitors.

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