Fifth Annual Holiday Bracket Bash Set for November 16

Holiday Bracket Bash

GAINESVILLE, Fla.—For the fifth straight year, Gainesville Raceway will host a Holiday Bracket Bash with this year’s event taking place on November 16. Gates will open for the event at 8 a.m. with just two classes schedule to compete: box and no box.

The entry fee for both classes will be $80 with $30 buybacks also being available during the first round. The winner of each class will receive $2,500 with $800 going to the runners-up. A racer that bows out in the semifinals will earn $200 while an appearance in the quarterfinals will get a $100 payout. Drivers that appear in the eight-finals will get $80.

Drivers can compete in multiple categories, but a car can only be driven by one driver per class. Additionally, a driver cannot have multiple entries into one class.

The first-round byes will go to the driver with the best reaction time from the second time trial session. After, the bye will go to the best reaction time from the previous round. Once the race gets down to 16 rounds or less, a sportsman ladder will be used based on reaction time.

If competing in the no-box class, boxes must be removed or visibly unplugged.