Points Fund Program

Why join the Gainesville Raceway point’s fund?

1.     You will be eligible to race at the Southeast Division 2 Bracket Finals

2.     Top finishers in each category get cash and trophies at the season ending awards banquet

3.     The Champion in each category RACES FOR FREE the next year at Gainesville Raceway

All racers with a permanent NHRA competition number are eligible to register for the Points Fund Program.  ONLY RACERS WHO HAVE JOINED THE POINTS FUND WILL BE ELIGIBLE FOR END OF YEAR AWARDS.  Any racer with a permanent competition number can pay a one- time, annual fee of $45 PER CATEGORY to earn points.  

It is not necessary to enter the Points Fund Program to race.  Points will only be calculated and posted for the racers who have paid to enter the program. If you want to receive points in more than one category you must pay an annual fee for each category.  

A racer can buy into the points program at any time in the season, however you will only receive points starting with the race you paid the annual fee at, fee must be paid before first round of that race and you will not receive points earned at races prior to paying the fee. NO EXCEPTIONS!!  If you plan on attending the year-end Division 2 bracket finals, you must obtain a valid NHRA competition number prior to the event.

Payment can be made at any Gainesville Raceway scheduled event BEFORE FIRST ROUND OF ELIMINATIONS or in the track office during regular business hours.  You can also call and enter points using a credit card (352)-377-0046.

Event points are awarded as follows: 10 points for purchasing and turning in a tech card. 10 points for actually teching in an eligible vehicle. 10 points are awarded for each round WON. Each class winner will receive 2 bonus points and each runner-up will receive 1 bonus point.


Pay points fund entry fee by January 19th, 2021 prior to 1st round of eliminations to receive 25 Bonus Points.

We will also award 20 Bonus Points to any racer who attends and participates at all Points races that we run 1st Round.  Participation means you purchased a Tech card, and presented your car for Tech and attempted to run the race.