Environmental Management Policy

“It is the responsibility of the Participant, not Gainesville Raceway, to properly store, use, dispose of and account for any and all materials in the Participant’s possession that may be subject to Federal, State or local regulations governing solid, recyclable and/or hazardous wastes, and to be in compliance with all such regulations at all times.  Should the Participant be found not to be in compliance, the Participant shall be responsible for any and all penalties, fines, costs and clean up necessary for compliance.

Gainesville Raceway will work with the appropriate governmental entities and agencies to monitor violations of any applicable environmental regulations.  Non compliance with a Gainesville Raceway environmental standard or a governmental standard threatens the ability of Gainesville Raceway to provide a venue for racing.  Therefore, any violations will be dealt with accordingly. 

Gainesville Raceway penalties including, but not limited to, fines, suspension of competition privileges, loss of points, disqualification from events and ejection from the track, are separate and apart from any civil or criminal penalties or other action that may be taken by any governmental entity or law enforcement agency.  There shall be a “Zero Tolerance” policy with regard to the improper use or disposal of any solid or hazardous waste.”